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ErgoS Human Factors Engineering is specialized in the design of optimum work processes and working conditions


Design and consultancy

Regarding workload, ErgoS offers the following:

  • optimum design of new machines, production lines and/or tools
  • analysis and solutions of work-related stress
  • job redesign when enlarging or modernizing an existing plant
  • optimization of heavy physical work



Signals of high work pressure are often rather the expression of discontent about the organization of the work, recognition or contact on the workplace, than excessive workload. ErgoS puts such signals into perspective and provides support in optimizing jobs.


Workshops and training

Please refer to our website www.ergonomieopleidingen.nl for more details about workshops and courses, amongst others, regarding workload, both for standard enrolments and tailor-made solutions.


Contact ErgoS

E-mail: contact [AT] ergos . nl

Telephone: +31 (0)53 428 0500